BIM forum 2016

Le 25 mai 2016, nous participeront au BIM forum, organisé par CADCAmation.

 De 14h à 18h, différents intervenants viendront parler du BIM à la Maison des Associations, Rue des Savoises 15, 1004 Genève

Cyril fera une présentation sur Revit MEP.

 L'inscription est gratuite mais nécessaire, vous pourrez trouver toutes les informations sur le site de CADCAMation


Nous espérons vous y retrouver!



[Revit] Delete parameters including hidden ones

In some case you need add or delete many parameters. Spiderinnet did many great articles about parameters, here are 2 of them :

Create shared parameter

Create project parameter

Some Revit addins and extensions are adding many parameters to you project. Some are not even visible to the user. It means that you have to use API to remove it.  In most common case you’ll never see it unless you use Revit Lookup. But when you export your model or do a duct pressure loss report it appears on it. So I made a script to get quickly rid of unwanted parameters (hidden or not).


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[Revit] Copy shared parameters from rooms of a linked file to your own spaces

It is very useful to be able to copy shared parameter from a linked file to you own file especially if you want to make a stable link to an external database or maintain data consistency between different models.

The Autodesk Space Naming Utility is very useful but limited to room/space number and name. With the following script methodology you are able to copy any shared or built in parameter.


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[Revit] Change fittings reference level without moving it


A common pain in Revit is to manage object’s reference level :

    If you change a duct/pipe reference level. It stays at the same location which is great.
    If you change any fitting/accessory reference level. It move at the same offset on the defined level. It generates many errors when you change a level elevation during a project…


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[Revit] Adding fluids using CoolProp

Sometimes you need to add new temperature in your project for at least 3 reasons :

  • When you use SI units Revit default fluids are bugged. I have seen them bugged for more than 5 years… Templates were made in Fahrenheit and some temperatures just don’t work when converted into °C or K.
  • Revit default fluids don’t have enough temperatures. About 5K between each and they usually just don’t fit the temperature you need in your project.
  • Water, ethylene and propylene glycol are the only default fluid available.
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