[Revit API] Simple Modeless Form (External Event Handler) in pyRevit

 I struggled for a while to make a modeless form. Why did I need it ? Because each time I was trying to get user to select object after WPF appear I was going out of Revit API thread and got this very common exception «Autodesk.Revit.Exceptions.InvalidOperationException: Attempting to create an ExternalEvent outside of a standard API execution». As Jeremy Tammik says :

    One of the most frequently raised questions around the Revit API is how to drive Revit from outside, e.g., from a separate thread, a modeless

    dialogue, or a stand-alone executable.

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[Revit] Add sizes to a pipe segment using python + Dynamo + Excel

I didn’t want to use Dynamo as I really prefer line code programming to visual programming. But in fact Dynamo :

    has a very active community
    is open source too
    use python as main scripting language
    is great for debugging python script as you don’t need to include every single line in a try/except block
    is much user friendly than as it is now included with Revit 2017.1 and by the way this new Dynamo Player makes it usable by anyone
    scare many people less than line code so they can easily modify to adapt it to their objectives

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[Revit] Delete parameters including hidden ones

In some case you need add or delete many parameters. Spiderinnet did many great articles about parameters, here are 2 of them :

Create shared parameter

Create project parameter

Some Revit addins and extensions are adding many parameters to you project. Some are not even visible to the user. It means that you have to use API to remove it.  In most common case you’ll never see it unless you use Revit Lookup. But when you export your model or do a duct pressure loss report it appears on it. So I made a script to get quickly rid of unwanted parameters (hidden or not).


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